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Since childhood, owner David Ross has been passionate for theatre, film and writing. During middle and high school his short stories were published in “O Georgia Too” and contest winning compositions read at local Veteran’s Day celebrations. He attended Atlanta’s Oglethorpe University and studied Shakespeare at Oxford University in England. At the time, his goal was to become an attorney but upon graduation with degrees in Politics and Theatre he couldn’t deny his true passion, the arts and Lens Head Media an, Atlanta Video Production Company, was born. His desire was to bring his ideas and those of others to life through creativity and meticulousness.


Lens Head employs the highest levels of expertise available to meet specific requirements of any endeavor. Its directors, cinematographers, editors, and visual effect artists are experienced with commercials, shorts, feature films and national spot ads. In addition, several employees are members of the union.


The company is proud of its utilization of superior equipment such as Red Epic Dragon; Red Epic Weapon; drone aerial equipment; Gimbal Systems; Arri Lighting Systems, Cannon lenses; Arri Zeiss Master Primes and more to achieve paramount effects. Having such a broad diversity of equipment offers the client several options based on their individual needs and budget requirements.


While high-end cameras are half the battle, the company’s focus is the importance of glass (lenses). The better the lens the higher quality the images will be. Cameras need to be upgraded or occasionally discontinued, however top of the line lenses last forever. Glass is glass and never wears out. Lens Head Media was born from the concept of high-end lenses and is here to stay.


The camera, lighting package and sound design are but a portion of the project. Once filming is complete the expert editing staff finalizes the project with industry standard editing software, and the use of DaVinci Resolve color grading to deliver the highest quality product possible.

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