All the time and energy you put into the writing and orchestrating of a video production project would be for nothing without capturing clear and solid footage on the day of your shoot. Relying on individuals to hold the cameras throughout the day can allow for fatigue to impact the quality of your video. Little hand tremors can shake the camera right in the middle of your most intense scene, shifting focus away from the action. Small vibrations from how the camera is held could add a sense of unwanted motion to the entire production. This can diminish the level of professionalism of your piece.


You can avoid unwanted camera movement by using the right equipment to steady it, but owning a video camera stabilizer or gimbal can be expensive and maintenance can be a pain. As one of the most state-of-the-art production studios in Atlanta, Lens Head Media maintains all the best brands when it comes to camera stabilizers and gimbal rentals. 


Video Gimbals


Composed of a series of motors aligned on three axes, a video gimbal helps stabilize your camera by preventing shaking. The unique design makes camera tilts, pans, and rolls appear smooth even if the camera operator is on the move.


The added stability a camera gimbal provides during production can allow you to capture that perfect shot without any unwanted movement you wouldn’t be able to edit out. The types of shots where gimbals are most effective include:


gimbal camera stabilizer

Video Camera Stabilizers


Often used in conjunction with a gimbal, a camera stabilizer also focuses on reducing camera shake making its way onto the screen. Holding the camera to prevent or compensate for unwanted movement, this piece of equipment can help steady the camera against the operator’s body or allow you to keep the camera still while mounted on another piece of equipment. Either way, you’re guaranteed a steadier, clearer shot.


Using equipment like this can help you add to the professional quality of your content while allowing you to stay within your budget. They provide added fluidity to scenes while smoothing out camera movements; no high-end camera required.


Rent a Gimbal or Video Camera Stabilizer


With a trained team of technicians on site to ensure the quality of all our equipment, Lens Head Media offers access to equipment that includes a Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal and a Wenpod MD2. These are top-of-the-line pieces of equipment that are expensive to own and maintain, but affordable to rent from a trusted source like Lens Head.


Our hassle-free rental policy allows us to customize your order to properly support the requirements of your shoot. All you need to rent our equipment is a certificate of insurance liability and an experienced equipment operator. Contact us today to learn more about why you should consider adding a gimbal video camera stabilizer to your next video production project.