How a screenplay can save the day! Getting over writer’s block.

It was famed author Joseph Heller that said, “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” I believe this is true whether you’re a student writing an essay on Hamlet, an aspiring screenwriter attempting your first script, or Stephen King. Go watch 1998’s Best Picture winner Shakespeare in Love (seriously, it’s really good). You’ll find that […]

How Promotional Videos Can Help Grow Your Business

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So, you’re an established brand in your community. You are well-liked and respected, you provide great service, but for some reason your business is stagnant. No matter how successful a business can be, sometimes it simply needs a jolt to stimulate some growth. For this zap of energy, look no further than using promotional videos. […]

The Importance of Quality Web Videos

When it comes to expanding your brand, whether it be corporate, product-based, or personal, you cannot put a price tag on your image. The way that people perceive and digest the multi-platform presentation of your brand is paramount, even equal to, success. And in an age where consumers are more plugged-in than ever, there’s no […]