How A Drone Can Fit Into Your Budget

You don’t have to own a drone in order to take advantage of its ability to add impact to your video production. Drone rentals allow you to capture an aerial shot in a cost-effective way. Utilizing a drone camera can even be less costly than renting certain on-the-ground production equipment such as dollies and jibs. You can definitely save some money using a drone for certain shots over hiring a crane to hoist your camera up or a helicopter to fly your camera through a scene.

Using A Drone To Add A Little Something Extra To Your Production

Drone footage can help create content for any production, including promo videos, commercials, documentaries, film, or television. It can be used, specifically, to help capture shots like:

Finding the right drone rental in Atlanta can be a challenge with more and more production houses offering equipment rental services. It’s important to partner with a company with a high-end inventory who cares for and knows how to use their UAV equipment.

Drone footage of a sunset over water

The Best Drone Rentals In Atlanta

The drone rental fleet available through Lens Head Media consists of the latest, top-notch cameras and support equipment. We constantly review our inventory to ensure we’re working with the most advanced drone technology.

Lens Head Media’s certified specialists care for and meticulously maintain the entire inventory of drone rental equipment in order to meet the specific needs of your production or project. Our inventory consists of the best brands, including:

Drone operator taking aerial video footage

Need A Drone Operator? We’ve Got You Covered

Rent drone equipment from Lens Head Media simply by providing a certificate of insurance liability. If you’re an experienced operator or have someone on your crew who’s able to drive, that’s great, but if not LHM offers assistance in this area as well. Our drone pilots are well-trained and have logged considerable hours operating our equipment, making them highly-qualified to capture your vision on film.

Whether or not you need to hire a drone operator to accompany your rental request, Lens Head Media looks forward to accommodating all your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) needs. Contact us today to share the details of your project so that we can consult on the best drone options for you.