The Best Lighting Options In Atlanta


As one of the most state-of-the-art production studios in Atlanta, Lens Head Media constantly invests in its equipment to stay on the cusp of technology. We then make those resources available to you, providing superior video lighting equipment to rent for your own production projects. All the big-name brands in lighting are available to you. We not only stock video cinema lights but have rental options from an outside vendor available for any other lighting you may require.

Why You May Need Additional Video Lighting Equipment


When shooting indoors, artificial lighting becomes an essential component to creating the right atmosphere for your project. Cameras need way more light to capture a quality image than can be provided naturally, and not all studios are equipped with the right light kit to deliver on your vision. You may not be able to create the right light-to-shadow ratio to set the tone you’ve envisioned with the basic lighting available, and you don’t want to depend on natural light, which can be inconsistent.

The common styles of lighting used in studios for film, TV or photography present a variety of options to get the light just right. They include:



Renting the exact equipment you need from Lens Head Media allows you the option of a portable light kit to brighten the darkest studio and enhance existing natural lighting when it just isn’t getting the job done. Let us help you pinpoint the right light kit for your project. Taking control over the lighting creates the best shooting environment, removing the variable of inconsistent light.


Lighting equipment rentals

Lighting Equipment Available At Lens Head Media


From RGB lighting to sky panels and anything in between, Lens Head Media offers lighting equipment rentals, in-house for brands such as:



These brands include upgraded features like:



Equipment is available to rent in a variety of combinations, often up to a week or longer based on need. Make sure to tell us how long your shoot will be when you contact Lens Head Media for an estimate to ensure a proper quote.


Not A Lighting Expert? We Can Help


You know you need better lighting on your video shoot, but aren’t exactly sure how to achieve your vision. Let the lighting professionals at Lens Head Media help you. Not only can we recommend the best video lighting kit rental for you, but we can also come to your location and set up the lights to maximize their effects on shoot day. Our certified specialists also ensure our inventory is well-maintained and at the forefront of available technology.


Don’t Get Caught In The Dark


Whether shooting in one of Lens Head Media’s two impressive studios or taking your project off-site to another location, we have the right assortment of lighting resources to safeguard your production. From large-scale shoots to intimate documentary-style filmmaking, our equipment will light the way. Contact us today to learn more about which video lighting rental kit is right for your project and get more information on how we can assist you with all your lighting needs*.


*Note: Anyone signing a rental agreement with Lens Head Media must supply a certificate of insurance to cover liability.