Mercedes-Benz | 2018 C-Class Cabriolet Walkaround

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Showing off Mercedes’ latest and greatest in style

At Lens Head Media, we love producing great video content, industry best gear…and cars. So it’s always a blast when we team up with Entertainment Creative Group to bring all 3 of these things together for the annual walkaround videos for Mercedes-Benz!

In this video, we dive deep into one of the latest and greatest from Mercedes-Benz: the 2018 C-Class Cabriolet. Combining the sleek look of the Ursa Mini Pro with the more nimble Sony a7s ii made for an awesome one-two camera punch. Additionally, we busted out our Movi Pro to get some smooth tracking shots around the car.

All in all, the client was revved up by how awesome this video turned out. And isn’t that what matters most?

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