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Music Video

Orlando rapper Kese shrugs off scrubs in this music video

We here at Lens Head Media love video production of any kind. However, there’s nothing like the creativity and excitement of working on a music video. They’re a rush, and we seek out rushes and dive-in head first. So when our good friend and noted music video director Jason Sirotin from ECG Productions told us about his vision for Orlando rapper Kese’s “On Me” music video, we were ready to roll.

Shot all over Atlanta, the music video features some beautiful lighting gags and ingenuitive camera work. The neon-filled “tailor shop” setup presented some unique production designing challenges, but the end result was well worth it.

Also, if you look super close, you can just catch our owner David Ross making his on screen debut as “Ignoring Guy #3.” He played the role masterfully.

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