Creating Lasting Impressions From Above

Aerial Footage


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When to take advantage of drone video services

Are you unsure if your next project could benefit from drone footage? Here are some possible scenes where aerial footage can add impact.


Capture high-definition B-roll or establish location and scope in a scene from overhead.

Real Estate/Retail

Create a clear image with a drone sweep of a storefront or exterior of a home to use online.

Construction/Energy/Natural Resources

Map or inspect an area from overhead in a cost-effective and efficient manner with the help of drone technology.

Content Marketing

Take content to the next level with eye-catching angles and unique video footage.


Generate a complete image of your venue with a full fly-by of your amenities.

Event Coverage

Build footage to create lasting memories of special events, concerts, and sports.

Intensify your video project with drone technology

Quickly rising in popularity for both feature-length films and smaller video production projects, drone video services are becoming much more common in today’s film industry. The enhanced features available with drone videography are numerous. Not only can you capture dazzling aerial footage, but drones can go where it’s difficult for a cameraman and a camera to be. The clarity of the images you can capture with a drone often go beyond the capabilities of a regular camera, while the increased flexibility of movement allows you to film at multiple angles within a single flightpath.

Drone video equipment

The sky’s the limit

Lens Head Media offers cutting-edge drone technology to elevate the scope of any video production. From stunning, establishing shots, to dynamic tracking maneuvers, to sweeping images of grandiose landscapes, our comprehensive drone video production services can take your project to the next level.

Our drone footage is 4K DCI resolution, and our operators shoot on the DJI Inspire 1 Pro with X5 camera and 8mm, 12mm, or 25mm lenses with filters. This particular drone cinematically matches RED, ARRI, and Canon RAW or ProRes footage. Our drone fleet is currently expanding, so make sure to ask what we’ve added to our gear.

Our drone operators are an experienced bunch with thousands of hours of previous flight time. Not only are they highly-skilled mechanical technicians, they’re also FFA licensed.

Capture the perfect scene from the air

From breathtaking shots of the Atlanta city skyline to wide, aerial shots of your carefully-choreographed crowd scene, Lens Head Media will closely consult with you and your team to tailor drone projects to your specific needs. Our experienced team not only provides quality drone videography but will assist you in creating an ideal, aerial image.

Aerial footage of city streets taken by drone video

In order to accommodate the scope of any project, we offer a variety of drone rental packages:

  • Daily: Up to 24 hours
  • Weekly: Rent for three days and get a fourth day at no additional cost
  • Monthly: Rent for eight days and get 22 additional days for free

Add another level of cinematography to your video production project with the inclusion of drone footage. Create engaging and dynamic visual content from the air. Contact us today to learn more about our drone video production services and pricing options. Additionally, if you need studio rental space, video production support or other equipment rentals, check out our other services!