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Give Your Video Content a Little Something Extra with Animated Video Production

Visual effects can help you engage an audience in a more intense way than just video alone. From cartoons to more realistic CGI, the animation services at Lens Head Media utilize dynamic processes and composite techniques with the latest software — Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4d, Nuke, and more — to create superior animation elements for your video project.

Lens Head Media offers animated video production in a variety of styles, from traditional to motion, to pixel art, and even 2D and 3D.

3D animated stacks of blue and white cubes

Available Video Animation Services

Matte painting and composite environments

This animation effect allows designers to take a matte-painted image and merge it with live-action footage to present a seamless environment generated in the studio instead of having to travel to an alternate location. It saves money on travel expenses without sacrificing the inclusion of a potentially hard-to-reach location in your video project, as well as giving you the option to include an impossible environment as your video’s backdrop (like having a video take place in space.)

2D/3D animation effects and modeling

These effects enable you to create the illusion of motion through animation. 3D can be more realistic and detailed, but which option you use is based entirely on the scope of your project. Modeling involves the additional step of taking something real and converting it into a mathematical representation which can then be modified and used in any video project. Both of these techniques allow you to infuse your video project with animated effects that can add impact and realism to your message.

Typography animation

Also known as “moving text,” this element is often used in corporate videos to add emphasis and help consumers focus on keywords in the video’s message. This technique mixes motion and text through video animation to convey an idea with the capability of eliciting an emotional reaction from viewers which can also strengthen their connection to your brand.

Projection mapping

Create interactive displays with an everyday video projector through the projection of light, converted into the image of your choice, onto any surface. This technique gives you the ability to put an image on a non-flat, non-white surface, allowing you to dramatically enhance physical displays or even convention booths.

Green screen background replacement

Start with a blank slate by taking advantage of the green screen capabilities at Lens Head Media. Then, let our talented animators take your footage to any location by digitally adding in a new background. This technique can offer huge savings, allowing you to take viewers on a journey without you ever having to leave the studio during production.

Motion graphics

Generate the illusion of movement in a highly stylized way with this animation technique. This effect can add depth to your video content in a variety of ways, in any part of your video project, from an extra element in the opening credits to enhancing a marketing message within a video.

CGI animation

Using only top-of-the-line applications and patches, the computer-generated, animated images built at Lens Head Media will be one-of-a-kind, perfectly aligning to your video production project’s tone and style.

Filming a woman in a dress using green screen background technology

Where Can Animation be Used?

Animated video services are applicable for any type of video production project, from corporate content to full-length features and TV shows. Gaining in popularity and having a positive impact in the corporate sector, explainer videos can greatly benefit from the addition of an animated effect. Utilize video animation to enhance a strong voiceover or add detail to established video content in order to boost the effectiveness of your video which can help strengthen your brand overall. In TV and Film, animation services can more clearly realize your intro or credit sequence, add special effects to certain scenes, and even take your video “on location” without leaving the studio through green screen effects.

Regardless of your video production project, the experienced animation staff at Lens Head Media will consult with you to figure out which animation style is right for your project and then guide you through the creative process before presenting final animation elements. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive animated video services and receive an estimate.