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Put the Finishing Touches on your Next Project

Whether you’ve utilized Lens Head Media services during pre-production, or on the actual day of the shoot, or are simply looking for a team of qualified individuals to help you take your video project on to completion, we offer a variety of services providing you the full experience of a post-production studio in Atlanta.

Video post-production can take anywhere from a few days to a solid week for a shorter video, and all the way up to months when working on a feature-length film. It’s a broad term that includes an assortment of actual services from editing, to color correcting, to adding visual effects and sound. Because so many components bring a video to its final version, working with a post-production house that has the capabilities to address each of these elements can save you time and money.

Editing equipment for video post-production

Post-Production Services

Our in-house team of editors and post-production specialists can assist you with a range of activities.

Animation and Graphics

Looking to add visual elements during the post-production process? Our creative design professionals can help conceptualize and bring to life customized animations, graphics, and other visual effects to make your content really stand out. Once designed, these elements can be added into your video based on your specifications during the editing process.

Effects Compositing

During post-production you have the ability to take visual elements from sources outside of your video content and create images that can be edited into your work. This allows you to create a background that wasn’t there while the camera was rolling, among other things. Oftentimes, if effects like this will be added in during post-production, your video will be shot against a green screen to make this process easier. Because Lens Head Media customizes the background color of their studios per each client’s request, you’re easily able to create a green screen to your exact specifications.

Sound Mixing

Our sound mixers and editors are able to add in sound that wasn’t there during the shoot as well as edit recorded sound. If you’d like your video project to have a voice over, or are in need of dubbing, or your project requires the addition of sound effects or music, our staff can seamlessly lay it into your video content for a polished final edit. Proficient in audio engineering as well, we’re able to take your recorded sound and edit or adjust it using equalization and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. During audio post-production we work to shape and control the sounds in your video project to suit your vision.

Using sound mixing equipment

Color Grading

From color grading to color manipulation, our team is able to alter and enhance color in your video to help set the tone for your content. This process can help create a more lifelike feel to your content and can even get your audience to have an emotional reaction to the footage. We are also able to adjust any issues related to exposure and white balance as well as expand contrasts and set initial black, white, and gamma points.

Video Editing

Our non-linear editing systems enable us to edit your video without modifying the original content you shot. This is all done on the latest computer equipment with the most up-to-date software. We’re able to collect and organize your footage on the day of your shoot, or after you’ve completed production. Additionally, we can offer dailies to be viewed throughout a video shoot to make sure the project is going according to your specifications.

Mastering and Deliverables

Once all the editing, sound, and color correction is done, we deliver you the highest-quality media whether for film, TV, the Web, or even to feature in a booth at your next big conference or trade show. Our goal is provide you with content that can be efficiently distributed into any medium.

One Post-Production Studio to Do it All

In addition to it’s two impressive studio spaces, Lens Head Media has four production suites complete with fast computers able to handle processing any footage. Our team of experienced post-production technicians utilize our top-of-the-line equipment to get your project completed. Our suites are also available for rent should you want to do your own post-production work.

Whether you shot your video on site in our studios or in an alternate location, at Lens Head Media, we’re here to guide you through the entire video production process from storyboarding, to shooting, to editing. We’re ready and able to take your footage and transform it into a compelling and engaging video through our post-production house, aligning with your vision to create a finished product that will be both engaging and memorable.