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Professional Video Production Services in Our Studio or at Your Location

Lens Head Media has the professional video production services to help with all your video needs from pre-production through post-production. Our on-set video production capabilities and high-end equipment can provide you with a one-of-a-kind level of service during this important phase of your project.

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As an Atlanta video production company, We work with clients looking to produce all different types of video content. We combine creative minds and powerful technology to bring your video content to the screen. From businesses to filmmakers, the primary areas of content we produce video in include:


This category encompasses any videos that teach someone about a product or company, or even how to create, build, or fix something. This section includes the ever-popular ‘Explainer’ videos which are typically an animated way for a company to tell their story. They’re also used to take a complex topic and explain it in a more succinct and visual way for easier comprehension.


Think of this category as the one you’d go to when you have something special to share. Announcing a new product, teasing out a special sale, or drawing attention to an upcoming event are all types of video content that fall under this type.


While there may be some crossover here from the educational video content, this kind of video is most often geared toward influencing consumers to purchase a product or service. Today’s consumers are more likely to watch video content featuring product reviews than they are to read print reviews and check ratings. This content often directly influences whether a product or service is purchased by the consumer, with this follow-through often happening shortly after a video of this type is watched.


Sometimes you just need to tell a story on screen rather than in print. Documentary content can feature a combination of interviews, reenactments, and storytelling all related to a single topic. Whether it be a commentary on current events, a look back at someone’s life, or a deep dive into history, documentary content is carefully produced to gratify its audience with a complete story.


A broad category, video content in this group can encompass anything from music videos to reality TV, to feature films, and other scripted content of varying lengths. Even short, humorous videos, businesses hope will go viral, fall into this category.

Regardless of the kind of video you’re looking to produce, our experienced crew and technicians are on hand to bring your vision to life, complete with insightful producers to help customize your workflow options, adhering to any budget.

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The Production Services We Provide

At Lens Head Media, we strive to offer a complete package of services for your video production project. To do this, we ensure our crew has the right qualifications to provide you with a superior experience when working with us. Services include:

Experienced crew and extensive support

Our team is there for you. We not only make sure to have the most qualified crew members to work on your production, but our staff is also available to provide you with the support you need to realize your creative vision. From lighting to camera work, to sound design, and more, our team is qualified to assist you in any area of your production.

Access video dallies

Check out the content you’ve captured during production the same day you shoot. Settle into one of our four production suites, capable of processing any footage.


Let us start conceptualizing your video project with you by laying the entire thing out in a comprehensive storyboard. Don’t get caught without a plan on the day of your shoot.

Script Writing and Editing

It’s never too soon to reach out for support in your video production process. We’re available to help take your concept and translate it into the perfect script for your project. Whether you need assistance writing from scratch or support editing an existing script, we can provide you with top-rate services.

Video Hosting and Distribution

We provide you with the platform to upload, convert, store, and watch video content once it’s edited and ready for viewing, and if you’re ready for distribution, our team can guide you through that process, taking on the necessary tasks to get your project onto the right screens.

Our goal is to provide you with a complete experience at Lens Head Media, offering you the right combination of production services to allow you to see your vision through to creation. If you’re looking to support the entire timeline of your video project, we also offer pre-production and post-production services, including storyboarding, script writing, editing, color correction, and more.

Adding video is more than just the statistics

Video is a powerful addition to any business’ strategic plan, not only because of the variety of benefits it can bring in, but because of the multipurpose function, it can have for your audience. Videos can teach, inform, promote, document, and entertain, sometimes all at once. They offer a creative venue to share your message with your audience in an engaging and memorable way.

Regardless of what type of video you’re looking to create Lens Head Media is ready to assist you through the entire production process. Our crew, studio space, and equipment can be combined to meet all your needs from pre-production, to the day of the shoot, to putting the finishing touches on your content. Contact us today to learn more about the production services we offer.